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PHPRFC: Internals Logo


Branding and PR is an increasingly important factor in programming language viability and adoption. Visible instability in the core team is off-putting to large organizations who depend on long term reliability and support and only encourages them to look to languages and tools with more stable and professional core teams.

This RFC proposes that the PHP core team get ahead of the issue and introduce a logo, separate from the public facing project, to provide a sense of professionalism that is lacking. I humbly submit the DramaLlama as the superior candidate.

The Case For The DramaLlama

The Llama is a proud, capable animal that represent the best qualities of the core team. They are herbivorous pack animals that dutifully carry goods across the Andes, much like how PHP powers much of the internet. They can eat almost any vegetation, need little water, and even their excrement can be dried and burned as fuel!

Beyond the comparisons to the actual animal, a side profile of a Llama (of which I propose the logo use, rather than a front profile) with it’s solid body and long neck, represent PHP peaking and achieving new heights.


By not adopting a logo, the PHP core team risks losing the respect and trust of the end user community. However it could be argued that the core team has survived without this and could do so indefinitely.


An RFC of this magnitude requires unanimous agreement so as to send a strong signal to the wider community of it’s willingness to buckle down and tackle the real problems PHP faces, rather than executing proxy wars.