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ZendCon08 Wrapup

So I kinda had a thing going about blogging during ZendCon but lost it, so I might as well just do a single day wrap up.

So ZendCon turned out to be completely worth it, even if only for the chance to meet in person a lot of the core PHP community and then drink semi-copiously with them.

The talks were good, though most of them were either more basic than I would have liked or really indepth (/me thinks back to Sara’s PHP Extension Writing talk, though that was more “few php developers gets this deep” than indepth/complicated).

The uncon was nice, which of course I’d like it given my love for barcamps, refreshes, and generally community driven and adhoc events.

The Yahoo party started out awkward given that one expects an open bar after paying $500+ for tickets to a conference, however from what I gathered it really wasn’t so much Yahoo’s fault more the hotel’s. I won the raffle for the “Day with Rasmus” prize and felt bad ‘cause when one of the Yahoo girls came to me and to have me verify my information, I told them my email (which was a gmail account) was correct but if they still have trouble to just google my first and last name since I dominate the first page for my name.

My only problem with ZendCon is that it ended…