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PHP Feeds, or, Get Your Read On!

I’ve started to amass a large amount of feeds in my reader and I thought I’d share a few with you: (feed)

Great aggregation of blog posts and updates in the PHP world.

Zend Developer Zone (feed)

Zend’s place for all things PHP related (blogs) (articles)

The infamous SitePoint. Not entirely PHP, but excellent web related articles and a good way to keep loose tabs on the other web spheres (ASP.NET and RoR in particular)

Particletree (feed)

Doesn’t update very often, but each article is a gem (in terms of solving a programming problem).

Chris Shiflett (feed)

THE PHP and Web Application Security guy.

Joel on Software (feed)

A classic, not really PHP oriented.

And finally, definitely not PHP focused, but a very good blog to read if you do any MySQL work (if you are a PHP person, chances are this includes you)

MySQL Performance Blog (feed)

Great collection of articles and talks on optimizing MySQL, either at the server or query level, and more…

While this isn’t all of the feeds I have on programming related topics, some of them are new adds and I want to give it some time before I share the links.